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Adding Your Stock Inventory to my UK Product Directory Can Significantly Boost Activity For Your Business?



The online product directory.

SoldLocal, the UK's first directory that pro-actively connects customers to products; that means, you don't wait for customers to find your products, I am actively looking for new sales opportunities for you 24/7. SoldLocal is exclusively for the UK market, so there is no international competition or international postage.


If you sell a physical product like; Jewellery, Collectable's, Clothing, Sports Equipment, technology etc, then You could be using my product directory to attract more customers today.



Online Product DIrectory

You May Be Wondering, What's in it For You & Your Business?


1. At least 20,000 eager buyers viewing ONLY your products.

  1. 2. I complete all account set-up and list your first 50 products.
  2. 3. More customer interest in your products.
  3. 4. More customer awareness of your business.
  4. 5. Increased Social Media activity surrounding your products and business.
  5. 6. Greater presence on the internet to grow sales.
  6. 7. Your own webstore to keep your products organised.


I can ignite better sales opportunities and you don't have to lift a finger!












How does SoldLocal (The Online Product Directory) work?


Soldlocal is a subscription controlled directory that lists products available in the UK.


* Who's selling them?

* Current price?

* Image/Video

* Current location of the specific product.


The buyer can contact you to complete the sale in the following ways.


1. Telephone.

2. Email.

3. Visit your high street, shop in person (if you have one).

4. Click the link and the buyer completes the sale on your website.

5. Use the on screen PayPal button and complete the sale immediately from the directory.







Online Product DIrectory

What if I sell From Another Website?


  1. That's great, Soldlocal can be used to direct interested buyers to ANY website address you choose.


In fact, we have a case study below where my directory achieved 63% additional sales in just 30 days.


SoldLocal Works Even if you don't have a website at all!


Your webstore is included when you join/ Click here to view a sample webstore.














Read Our Case Study.. Today!


Online Product DIrectory

EisEasy ebay Seller Case Study


In November 2016, I was approach by Ian of EisEasy to see if my service could increase activity on his ebay store and sales.


EisEasy provided 46 of his 194 products listed on ebay.

By December of 2016, SoldLocal created sales for 29 of the 46 products (as well as natural ebay sales) and directed over 11,000 buyers to view his products.


63% of the products listed on my directory were sold in just 30 days.









What do our users say?


Land and Property Investment

Online Product Directory Land and Property

" It's a great system and excellent service. You and your team are very proactive all the time, which is why your site is good and very user friendly. I am very impressed with your total service that you provide and that you answer emails and questions immediately and well "

Damien Foster - Arti-Crafty

Online Product Directory Auction Man

"What a simple but effective Idea, I received website traffic from the backlinks provided, which also improved my Alexa rank. You have provided an excellent platform to get more sales from my website and also helps with my SEO. "

Ian Campbell - EisEasy

Online Product Directory M. Foster

"I have an eBay store and I use your Product Directory as a source of traffic and customers to my eBay store. Since I have been using your directory I have seen an increase in traffic to my eBay store. "















SoldLocal - "Where Merchandise Meets The Buyer" is fresh approach that increases customers activity and boost your product sales. A GURANTEED 'Hands Free' Solution with proven measurable results, that will deliver more than 20,000 targeted buyers to view ONLY your products.



To ensure the minimum of disruption to you and your business, I perform all the setup, configuration and list your first 50 products for you... Truly Hands Free!




I have been helping local businesses expand their customer-reach for years and my experience tells me the emphasis must be on your product inventory. I have packed all my experience into creating the UK’s dedicated product directory.

On average every product listed on the directory website, receives at least 1,000 views per year.
50 products listed could easily yield 50,000 Views every year and what's more, I will submit your listed products to the most popular search engines and social media platforms available.


This is the solution that will greatly increase your customer reach and awareness of your products throughout the UK and outshines expensive alternatives. 



I would really like to take care of this for you today, work with me and discover the solution that's helping local businesses for only £325 (Flexible payment terms available).


I know spending £325.00 per year requires thought and consideration; this is why I insist on a short, no obligation, telephone consultation. During the consultation, we establish if my services are a good fit for your business. We can take the next step towards growing customer activity for your business.





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