Back linking has always been thought of as "The Best Method" to attract customers and increase your internet presence.



Its no secret, a key issue for any business is advertising their products to interested customers and I have helped many businesses over come this issue during the last 10 years.


Backlinks have often been used to increase the importance of how a search engine see's and ranks your website. However recently generic backlinks have become far more damaging to your website's ranking on any search engine.


I am pleased to say I have a solution, that not only provides valuable backlinks that search engines approve, but goes one step further; resulting in money saved and revenue added to your bottom line.

Introducing.... The online product directory.

The UK's first directory that connects customers to products, exclusively for the UK. If you sell a physical product then simply list in the directory and I take care of boosting your internet presence in the most positive way available anywhere!

Online Product DIrectory

How Will Your Online Product Directory Help My Business?


  1. 1. Our Directory provides links for every product listed, the backlinks direct valuable traffic to any 3 websites of your choosing.


2. All your products are submitted to Google, Bing & Yahoo search engines. This can double or triple your presence on the search engines!


3. Your products are posted on Facebook and other social media to further increase your internet presence and sales opportunities.


4. The online product directory GUARANTEE's to attract at least 20,000 potential customers to view your products. Every Year.


5. Your products are regularly viewed by Product Directory users.


6. Your web-store filters products so that only your products are visible, everyone else's products are hidden, making sure you get the traffic you deserve.


7. Sell of the directory pages with our free 'Paypal Buy Now' Button available with every product listed.
















Let me instantly boost your internet presence, and open the way to higher revenues at the lowest price point available.... Anywhere!


1. web/backlinks for every product on the directory

2. Your products are submitted to search engines, increasing your internet presence

3. Guaranteed, minimum of 20,000 visitors to your products every year




What do our users say?

Land and Property Investment

Online Product Directory Land and Property

" It's a great system and excellent service. You and your team are very proactive all the time, which is why your site is good and very user friendly. I am very impressed with your total service that you provide and that you answer emails and questions immediately and well "

Damien Foster - Arti-Crafty

Online Product Directory Auction Man

"What a simple but effective Idea, I received website traffic from the backlinks provided, which also improved my Alexa rank. You have provided an excellent platform to get more sales from my website and also helps with my SEO. "

Ian Campbell - EisEasy

Online Product Directory M. Foster

"I have an eBay store and I use your Product Directly as a source of traffic and customers to my eBay store. Since I have been using your directory I have seen an increase in traffic to my eBay store. "


I have been helping local businesses expand their customer-reach for years and my experience dictates the emphasis must be on your product inventory. I have packed all my experience into creating the UK’s only product directory and just 50 products listed in my directory will yield 1000's of regular visitors and outshines expensive alternatives. 

I would really like to take care of this for you today, work with me and discover the solution that's helping local businesses!


'Get Started now' and exposure your business to more customers than ever before.


If you would rather talk to me directly please call 0800 270 7441