I'll show you the process from start to finish.


There are only 3 short stages before your attracting potential customers! REMEMBER, I complete the WHOLE Process FOR YOU!


I create your account that saves your contact information and activate your web-storefront. Your storefront is the environment where your inventory is kept together along with your services pages; your own complete mini website - Perfect if you don't have your own website!



sample storefront



Once your webstore is complete I will attract your 20,000+ buyers. From your webstore they can view all your inventory and additional company information. This is your webstore, only your products will be shown to the buyers, your competition won't even know.


Next I start adding your products with images to the appropriate category, add a title (important as this is used by all search engines), add a description (also used by search engines for keywords used in search results) Price and location (location is uniquely useful if you have a multi site operation).

adding an item

All product information is simply cut and pasted from your website to ensure that its correct, finally I paste the URL that links the product on the directory to the same item on your website, this mean if a customer clicks a link they will see the identical item on your own website if you have one.

Once all your products are on the directory I will send you all your log in information and a small instructional email to help you add, amend, delete and mark items as sold!

This is when the real magic begins, your webstore URL is sent to Google, Bing and Yahoo to be added to their search directories along with your additional pages and complete inventory. This usually gets your items on the major search engines and can start generating traffic in minutes.

Based on your products I then start to attract buyers with interest in similar products and are looking to purchase soon, this generates your guaranteed 20,000 visitors and creates a buzz of interest in your products and services.

Your visitor statistics are visible per product and visitors to your webstore every time you log in to the directory.

storefront stats

Individual product view statistics.

product stats

Click Here to view a live webstore!


Remember I will do all this work for you to remove any distractions to your business. A truly hands free experience.